E-marketing for B2B

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To build a mass marketing in the era when everyone communicates with the world through their own access point - is a mistake which can cause a number of negative consequences

  • Not effective spending budget;
  • The attraction of non-target customers;
  • Loss of market share and sales volumes;
  • The use of outdated tools that do not pay off the investment in them;
  • Loss of synergies in the promotion of the company.

Mass marketing in B2B sector - is ineffective story. What should be email marketing for B2B and complex markets? How to build a system that will provide your company for leads for several months ahead? Why you need to start with your target audience and the competitive environment? How to build customer journey depending on the segment of the target audience? What tools Internet marketing the most effective in the B2B market?

We answer these questions and not only on the course "E-marketing for B2B and complex markets," February 20. All the details are here http://bit.ly/25ACRZm

Access point to the effectiveness of marketing your company exists. Connect and act. Registration will be open on http://bit.ly/25ACRZm

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