In the app MAPS.ME for iOS and Android appeared smart search

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The team MAPS.ME reported about the release of the updated mobile app service for iOS and Android with new smart search.

Now MAPS.ME understand the queries entered with typos. This update will be especially useful in a unfamiliar city when you want, for example, to find the way to local attractions or to the bar, which was recommended by friends. Often the titles are perceived by the ear, and the user is not always able to type them; but even if the name of streets, landmarks, hotel or other attractions there are one or two errors, the application will understand what user mean.

The applecation MAPS.ME easier to choose hotels. The search has the opportunity to filter them by user rating and prices. Sorting is done on the basis of estimates of hotel and information about the price range by offered of service Search for hotels can be as near to each other and advance in another city. Thus, to find a good inexpensive hotel near to the Colosseum right in the app MAPS.ME.

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Eugene Lisovsky, head of project MAPS.ME:

We strive to make MAPS.ME was not just a mobile map, but also a versatile tool — in fact, the guide through any terrain. By expanding search functionality MAPS.ME even faster and more exactly understands what a user is looking for and finds it. I want to note that the quality of the search also depends by the relevance of cartographic information. A huge contribution in this respect made by our users who add new objects to the map and update information about old. We are proud that MAPS.ME became mobile editor No. 1 for open maps by OpenStreetMap.

In the updated version users can also adjust the size of the names of the objects. Now you don't have to bring the area on the map to see the labels, user can once to increase the font size in the app settings.

We will remind, the data about the hotels from the database and the ability to book a room in hotel appeared in the application MAPS.ME for iOS and Android in June 2016. At the moment the maps show more than 200 thousand hotels. Base service contains about 800 thousand points that are visible and available for booking to users MAPS.ME. Information about hotels not included in the database it is still available for editing.

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