LinkedIn will return the money blocked to Russian users

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LinkedIn sent its users a letter in which he said that return unspent money blocked users from Russia.

The letter also reported that the Russian users can access the network outside of Russia and to send a request to the authority for refund proportional to the unused time.

"We deeply regret this decision, in which our members will not be able to use LinkedIn for business communication and search of new economic opportunities in Russia".
In addition, LinkedIn explained how social network users can interact with each other after blocking the service in Russia:
"Depending on how it will be enforced this decision, the majority of our services may not be available on the territory of the Russian Federation for some time. However, You can access the LinkedIn outside the Russian Federation. Your profile will appear in the search results and You will be able to contact other members with offers of career opportunities, You will be able to receive relevant content and more by email. Your account will remain open until then, until You send us a request for its closure."
In addition, the leadership of the social network considers the activity relevant legislation of Russia and is currently considering all the possible ways to resolve the situation.

Yesterday Roskomnadzor has made business social network LinkedIn in the register of infringers of rights of personal data subjects.

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