LinkedIn has not resolved the issue with Roskomnadzor

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Social professional network LinkedIn not resolved the issue with with Roskomnadzor in the negotiations on the social network in Russia. About this report Vedomosti, citing a statement by the Vice-President LinkedIn Ariel Eckstein.

Vice-President said:

We had a meeting with Roskomnadzor in December to discuss the requirements of the law and internationalization. Despite our talks, we still had not agreed with the Roskomnadzor, which would lead to unlocking LinkedIn and allow us again to provide service to users from Russia. This means that LinkedIn will continue to be blocked in Russia

The company is still convinced that is was acting in accordance with Russian law and remains open to productive dialogue with the Roskomnadzor for unlock access to the social network.

In December, Roskomnadzor reported about the meeting with the Vice President of LinkedIn Pablo Chavez, where the has clear requirements for localization of personal data of Russians. The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said that the meeting was 'constructive'.

LinkedIn is hard to localize their services in a particular country because it was originally a centralized architecture. At LinkedIn there is no separate database users from each country all integrated into a single system, so the localization is in fact is the creation of a separate hardware-software complex for a single country, effectively duplicating the functions of the core network. Audience of the service in Russia is relatively small – about 2.4 million users, compared with 433 million worldwide. The question is whether to invest in data transfer remains open.

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