LinkedIn intends to return to the Russian market

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LinkedIn expects to return to Russia and intends to cooperate with the government. About it reported RIA News, citing a statement by the Vice-President and one of the founders of the social network Allen Blue.

Vice-President of LinkedIn, confirmed the desire of the management of the social network to work with the russian government for a speedy return to the Russia. However, no exact dates when it has not been statement.

We do not have progress and we don't want to talk about the specifics of the negotiations. We believe that it is of great importance for the Russian citizens and their partners abroad, to the Russian government and the entire system. So we very carefully talk about these negotiations, to conduct them, - explained Allen blue.

Recall that social network LinkedIn was blocked for Russian users by the decision of Moscow city court in mid-November. According to the report traffic analysts Rambler & Co, the traffic of the LinkedIn social network in Russia after lock fell by 36%. In October, the number of visits to social networks in Russia amounted to 8.09 million In November this figure dropped to 5.16 million But by the end of last year, the Russian users can continue to download the app on their phones, while Roskomnadzor is not sent to Apple and Google letters with the requirement to remove it Lthe App Store and Google Play.

Previously it was reported that LinkedIn is difficult to localize their service in a particular country because it was originally a centralized architecture. At LinkedIn there is no separate database users from each country all integrated into a single system, so the localization is in fact is the creation of a separate hardware-software complex for a single country, effectively duplicating the functions of the core network. Audience of the service in Russia is relatively small – about 2.4 million users, compared with 433 million worldwide. However, as you can see, LinkedIn is ready to invest in the migration data for the Russian market.

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