Attendance at LinkedIn in Russia fell by 36%

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The attendance of the LinkedIn social network in Russia after lock fell by 36%. About it reports RNS with reference to the traffic report analysts Rambler & Co, based on data from SimilarWeb.

In October, the number of visits to social networks in Russia amounted to 8.09 million In November this figure dropped to 5.16 million

The drop in attendance was recorded on the background blocking service for non-execution of requirements of the law on the localization of the storage of personal user data. November 17, Roskomnadzor has made LinkedIn a register of violators of the law on personal data.

On this day the peak number of visits to social networks from Russia amounted to 491 thousand, and on November 29, this figure dropped 3.7% to 132 thousand

We will remind, that on November 10, the Moscow city court recognized lawful blocking of LinkedIn in Russia, leaving in force the decision of the court of first instance and dismissed the appeal of the company.

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