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Juan Felipe Rincon

Juan Felipe Rincon

| Google | Dublin, Ireland
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Juan Felipe leads a team of support web masters in the quality team of Google search. His mission and the mission of the team is to help website owners to create useful content for users. Now the main work is to help site owners with protect the site from hackers and other malicious.

I create and develop new services and applications, and guide others on how to create them on their own.

Some projects I'm most proud of:

  • The Mobile Friendly campaign, run by the team I led
  • The platform for Impact Fantasy Sports, which I coded
  • i-alarm, a panic button for mobile phones. I wrote the requirements documents, designed the systems architecture, generated the UX and assets, wrote the Java ME code, created the marketing collateral in 3 languages, ran the QA team and managed its preload on > 2M devices in 5 countries. The service was a finalist for the 2009 Stevie Award for best new telecoms service.There is at least one documented case of a customer telling us "this application saved my life when the kidnappers were holding me at gunpoint".
  • Fitsync, the brain child of client/friend & DC-area entrepreneur. I designed the handheld UI, the back end database, and coded the mobile-to-server data flow. Ten years later, the service now counts 1M+ paid users across multiple continents and various mobile platforms.

I'm currently focused on teaching webmasters how to design and build user-focused websites, and leading the technology for a startup that builds free-to-play promotional fantasy sports games.

In Blurb version:

"Technology strategy, developer relations and product management executive with 14+ years of experience in software and service development. Extensive product management experience across all phases of product development: concept, financing, development, launch and support. Fluent in 5 spoken languages and 4 programming languages."

Specialties: Technology strategy, developer relations; mobile data product and services development; software architecture and development; history of telecoms networks; social capital development; mobile technology and social justice; languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Italian, basic German); Android, Ruby on Rails, Java ME, NoSQL database design; Cloud Saas.