Instagram announced advertising in Stories

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Intsagram has announced the launch of advertising in Stories and new analytical Insights section for Stories.

Advertising in Instagram Stories will be in the form of full-screen videos. Companies will be able to target and use tools to measure coverage to show their stories to the most appropriate audience.

Among the first brands who will start advertising in Stories, are L'oreal, General Motors, Nike, McDonald's, BuzFeed, Netflix, Asos and Shiseido. In Russia, pioneer will become the brand Lay's.

In the coming weeks access to the new format will get the all worldwide company.

In the analytical section Insights for Stories you can find information on the coverage and number of clicks for each advertising history. A new section will be available to all business accounts soon.

Amy Cole, head of brand development at Instagram EMEA:

From today the company will be able to create ads in Instagram Stores that will allow them to interact with a wide audience, creating the "effect of involvement", which people like. We're excited to see how Russian business has accepted this new format already using Instagram Stories every day.

Anna-Maria Treneva, head of sales Department in Central and Eastern Europe in Facebook Inc.:

The possibility of promotion in Instagram Stories is a new creative format for advertisers in Russia and around the world. Given the influence of Instagram in Russia and the extraordinary creativity of advertisers in the region, we look forward to the first campaign, to see how brands will use the new tools in a favorite of all the stories to interact with their audience.

The company also shared fresh statistics on Instagram Stories:

  • In the five months since the launch of the daily audience Instagram Stories topped 150 million;
  • The third most-viewed stories were posted in the accounts of companies;
  • 70% of videos watched in the history was lost with sound (not including Live Stories);
  • 70% of Instagram users subscribed to the account of any company;
  • 1 of 5 stories in the Instagram gets feedback in the form of messages;
  • 25% of video on the Stories (so-called boomerangs).

Recall that Instagram introduced a new section Stories with the functionality likened to messenger Snapchat in August of this year.

In September Instagram has allowed to keep stories and in October they appeared on the tab "Search and interesting."

That Instagram might launch video ads in the Stories, became known in earlier this week.

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