ICQ launched mask on the desktop

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In the new version of ICQ for Windows had three-dimensional masks for calls, search messages and customize livotov.

As reported in the official blog Mail.ru in the desktop version uses the same system of identifying and tracking individuals as in mobile. ICQ wears on the user's mask, focusing on key points on the face, and adapts it to the user movement and facial expressions. On Windows available all the masks from the iOS and Android versions.

In the settings of the chat appeared complete search history. A particular word can be searched in a single chat, or all conversations at once. Also in the new version for Windows, you can create lichty. Users have access to all configuration and administration functionality.

Recall, a new feature of video call quality masks appeared in the mobile version of ICQ at the end of September 2016. It was implemented using the advanced platform face recognition, LUNA, developed by the Russian company VisionLabs — one of the world leaders in the field of computer vision.

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