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Google employee sued the company to court for domestic "spying"

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Google employee sued the company, calling it illegal privacy policy. About it reports The Verge.

The claim alleges that the Corporation's domestic "spying program". It involves surveillance of workers to prevent transmission of potentially incriminating data controllers and public authorities. According to the plaintiff, it is a violation of labor laws of the state of California.

Employees are prohibited from within the company to discuss information about illegal activities, even working with her lawyers. The internal rules also encourage staff to report possible disclosure of information from their colleagues.

If the employee wants to write a book about life in Silicon valley, he will need to show drafts and the final version of the work of the staff of a special unit within the Corporation.

"The motto of Google is "do No harm", but illegal the company's privacy policy violates this rule", — stated in the lawsuit.

The identity of the claimant is not disclosed. In fact it is mentioned under the name "John Doe".

If Google loses court, the fine can be up to $3.8 billion.

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