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Google began to lower positions of mobile page with cross-page advertisement

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From January 10, Google has started to lower positions in the organic results pages that use interstitial ads and pop-ups format. Below is everything you need to know about this change.

Only mobile traffic

Currently Google lowers only a page in mobile search results. If your site has no mobile version, interstitial ads can be used without fear for the position in the results.

Taking into account only clicks from Google

Mobile sites can use pop-ups and interstitial ads on the second page of the preview after the transition from Google. The search engine examines only the page which gets the users from the search results. If the user navigates to the site from another traffic source, the trouble of interstitial ads will not.

Pop-ups required by law

If access to site is restricted by age, are allowed to use pop-ups to confirm the age of the user.

Delayed Pop-ups

The use of pop-ups which appear after a certain time or same as page scrolling is also a violation.

Pop-up when you leave

Using this type of pop-up ads allowed by Google.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Tool for checking the friendliness of the site to mobile devices is not showing disorders associated with interstitial advertising. To create a service that would reveal this kind of problem the company does not plan to.

Pages, not sites

The decrease in results mobile of search results for the use of the format interstitial ads will only be subjected to individual pages, not whole site.

The size of the popup window

What size blocks would be considered unacceptable in Google did not specify. The representatives merely indicated that the units of "small size" will not lead to lowering of the page.

Mobile-first index

This change is not directly connected with the launch of a mobile-first the Google index.

Whether sites with cross-page is well ranked?

Google clearly indicated that the use of interstitial advertising and pop-ups blocks – is only one of the signals in ranking. For search engines it is very important the intention of the user. If other signals of your website is excellent, site might continue to occupy a high position in the results.

Can this be considered a change in sanctions?

Technically, this change is not sanctions. This depreciation of the pages that use pop-ups and interstitial ads to mobile users.

Change is already in effect?

Yes, a representative search John Mueller confirmed that this occurred on 10 January as planned. However this change will work in the next couple of days – after it will be launched on all servers.

Should we expect major changes in the results?

According to John Mueller, many sites refused to use the format interstitial ads before the launch of this innovation. Therefore, big changes in results are expected.

That Google will downgrade mobile results sites with annoying interstitial advertising, it became known in August 2016.

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