New Google algorithm is able to reduce the image size by 35%

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Google presented a new image compression algorithm called Guetzli. Algorithm allows to reduce the size of JPEG files up to 35% without loss of quality.

Guetzli uses methods similar to those applied in the algorithm Zopfli. In Google say that the new algorithm enables the transfer of color is more thorough and detailed way than is achievable by other methods. This result was achieved thanks to the psychovisual model of the perception of images.

Testing has shown that users prefer image Guetzli compared to images compressed using the standard library libjpeg – even if the latter had the same or slightly larger size.


From left to right – original, the result of the libjpeg compression, the result of the Guetzli compression.

Guetzli drawback is that it requires more time to create the compressed images than the other methods.

Google hope that this decision will help to speed up the loading of web pages.

The source code of the algorithm is available in the repository on GitHub.

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