Google and Facebook have teamed up to fight terrorism in the internet

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The world's largest IT companies, including Facebook, YouTube (Google), Twitter and Microsoft, announced the creation of a common database, which aims to help in the fight against the spread of "terrorist content" on the Network. About it reports The Wall Street Journal.

"Promoting terrorism content has no place in our services. We hope that cooperation will improve the efficiency of the fight against such content], while we continue to enforce our rules," — said in a joint statement by the companies.
Under the agreement, IT will assign the videos and images that violate the rules, a unique digital fingerprint "hashes". After you create a database of hashes, they will be able to quickly identify and remove illegal content from their services.

The company will begin this work early next year.

Recall that recently the European Union called IT giants more responsive to the incitement of hatred in their services.

In 2015, Google, Facebook and Twitter were United against the exploitation of images of children in the industry "for adults".

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