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Google and Facebook have come together against fake news in France

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Ahead of presidential elections in France, Google and Facebook have come together against fake news, reported by Reuters.

In particular, Facebook will support the project of Google Cross News, which will allow you to check the news together with mass media. Users can send links to suspicious publication through the project website and partners of the service to check their authenticity. The project has already joined the 17 news French editions, including national TV channels.

The service will start on February 27 in France. It is anticipated that it will be actively used during the election.

In addition, Facebook will cooperate with 8 news organizations in France, in order to minimize the risk of fake news in the social network.

The number of users of Facebook in France more than 24 million, accounting for a third of the population of the country. In detecting false news, the social network will rely to users. Reports of suspicious publications to be verified by partners. News that do not pass inspection are marked as unproven.

Presidential elections in France will be held in two rounds: April 23 and May 7.

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