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AdWords has changed the principle of operation exact match keywords

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Google AdWords announced about upcoming changes in the exact match. In the coming months the match close variants will be expanded to include different word order. The changes also will affect the function keywords in queries.

Early tests showed that this methode allows advertisers to obtain 3% more of the clicks for keywords with exact match.

Function words

To function words are transitional phrases, such as conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, etc. After updates such words can be ignored, rephrased or added.

While ignored and rephrased only those function words which do not change the value of the keyword.

The order of the words

Two keywords may have the same value, even if their order in the query changes.

Now, this logic will be used when determining whether a keyword matches a query. Google will not add a normal word (not a service words) to the key phrase.


In Google AdWords stated that the system will not change the word order or function words in the case that this will entail changing the value of the request.

Phrasal matching these changes will not be affected. In addition, AdWords will continue to give priority to exact match keywords identical to search queries.

The search for close variants of keywords was launched in 2012. In 2014, it began to apply to all keywords with exact and phrase match.

To close variants of the keywords include misspellings, shapes, singular and plural, contractions, root words, abbreviations, and spellings with accents.

google exact match
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