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SEO terms and definitions — G list

Google Analytics

Google Analytics developed by Google Analytics tool for tracking user behavior on the website. Designed for webmasters and SEOs. It makes sense to convince the webmasters to promote the website is to register a Google Analytics account. Moreover, there is nothing difficult to connect to Google Analytics.

Analytics (full name in English Google Analytics) – a system of detailed statistics for the web resource, which contains an extensive set of tools for tracking data about visitor behavior, external and internal factors that affect the ranking of a website in search engines.

Analytics is used to monitor the overall performance of the site, monitoring the progress. Marketing Analytics is the major tool as it provides the ability to track the status of website in real time.

Google Analytics will give you the opportunity to:

  • To monitor traffic on the website number of visits, number of pages viewed and time that the user spends on the website;
  • Finding the entry points and the page where the user leaves the website;
  • Know what key words users are going to a website with different search engines;
  • Know the geography of users, technical characteristics of their personal computers or mobile devices;
  • Other Analytics tools on the web.

All this will give you the opportunity to adjust the text information on the website, based on correct queries, to regulate the usability of the site if users is experiencing difficulties and leaves site.

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Googloid it called ordinary person employee of Google Web Search Engine Team, search engine employees often communicate in forums, meet and organize various conferences to explain the principles of white hat search engine optimization of site.

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