In Facebook will have its own sports and game shows

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Facebook conducts negotiations with TV studios about licensing games and sports show, as well as scripts, ReCode writes.

According to sources, the company is interested in experimenting with different formats. However, she has no plans to invest in expensive movies and TV shows, the production of which involved Netflix and Amazon.

Director of global creative strategy Facebook Ricky van Veen commented on this information so:

Earlier this year we began the launch of a new Video section on Facebook. Our goal is to fill this tab, affiliate content, so we are exploring options of investment in production of video content specifically for our service. We want to show people what opportunities are available to them in the social network.
Recall that Facebook already collaborates with publishers and celebrities to promote the service of live Live. The social network has signed about 140 contracts worth more than $50 million For 17 of these payments exceed $1 million Partnership involves the publication of video content exclusive to Facebook.
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