Facebook updated the news feed algorithm

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Facebook updated the news feed algorithm by adding new signals. Now the ranking will take into account the relevance and authenticity of publications. This innovation is another step in the fight against fake news.

The authenticity of the publications will be evaluated on several criteria, including the category of pages. In particular, whether there were violations associated with spam or the likes. It also takes account of the behavior of users: if they hide the posts page, its content may find inauthentic.

The visibility of the content will also be influenced by the real-time signals. In particular, Facebook will evaluate the involvement of users interact with the posts. If the publication is getting a lot of comments and likes, the algorithm may interpret this as a sign of their importance and relevance. Accordingly the visibility of such content will increase.

In Facebook stated that the update will have minimal impact to the public pages. Of course provided that they do not use spam methods.

Previously, on that last week Facebook has updated the algorithm for videos ranking.

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