Facebook will allow you to launch live broadcasts from the desktop

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Facebook introduced a new feature of video streaming for public pages. These include the ability to run live streams from a desktop version of the service and fixed comments.

Adding video streaming to the desktop version of the social network aims to help companies to create a more professional broadcast.

Page admins will also have the opportunity to make some comments under the stream.

Among other innovations there are new features for brands, collaborating with publications and celebrities. Now start the stream from the page of the company can a person who is not an admin. To provide such rights will be using a new option "Live Contributor".

In addition by —Ārossposting, the company will be able to publish recordings of their broadcasts on other public pages.

Finally, Facebook will now provide more statistics on the "live" and video for normal accounts (not pages), in which the number of subscribers exceeds 5 thousand

New metrics will only be available for clips that are in public access . In particular, users will be able to see the total number of minutes spent other people to view their videos, and the total number of views, reactions, comments, and reposts of the video. They can also view data for the last 7, 30 or 60 days. This innovation will be launched in the coming weeks.

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