Facebook has updated the algorithm for ranking videos

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Facebook has announced about the update of the algorithm for ranking videos. In particular, Facebook will now consider such criterion as percent complete.

When ranking videos Facebook evaluated a number of signals: the status of the video (live or normal), whether users sound, whether the video full screen and more. After algorithm updates will be added one more.

Now if users will view the video at least to half, it will be regarded as interesting.

When assessing the attractiveness of video for users, Facebook will also take into account the length of the roller. As a result, the visibility of the longer videos may increase.

The company noted that the update is triggered gradually. Its implementation is scheduled for completion in the coming weeks.

To prepare for the upcoming changes, publishers can see the statistics of your videos in the appropriate section of the page. To worry about the ideal length of the videos is not necessary, all depends on how it will be of interest to users.

Previously, that in the beginning of last year, Facebook added two new metrics for video: number of viewed minutes and 10 seconds views.

According to the data of Locowise for 2016, video remains the most popular format for publishing on Facebook.

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