Facebook offer users to regulate the level of censorship

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In the near future Facebook users will be able to determine the level of censorship in the news. About it is stated in the open letter of the head of the social network Mark Zuckerberg, published last week.

The idea is to give each user the opportunity to set some boundaries about content, abuse and violence.

The default settings are set up, chosen by the majority of people in the country. While Facebook will take into account local laws. To change personal settings user can do it at any time.

The new approach will allow Facebook to set local standards and determine the limits for each user separately.

With regard to the detection of prohibited content in this issue the social network will be even more reliant to artificial intelligence. Zuckerberg hopes that over time, the algorithms Facebook will learn to distinguish the nuances and will distinguish posts with propaganda of terrorism from news articles about the terrorist attacks.

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