Facebook launches video ad format mid-roll

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Facebook launches new video ad format — mid-roll. It is stated in the letter sent to advertisers.

The new format is the videos that are shown to the users in the middle of watching a video.

According to information from Marketing Land, the duration of mid-roll advertising will be limited to 15 seconds. The press-attache of the social network users declined to comment.

Mid-roll ads will be available as one of options of placements during the setup of an advertising campaign in Facebook. They will be marked as in-stream video. If the duration of commercials over 15 seconds, when trying to buy is of the format mid-roll advertiser will see an error message.

The company can also choose a video category for your ad: humour, sports, etc.

According to ReCode, to show mid-roll ads the video length must be at least 90 seconds. Facebook will pay publishers 55% of revenue.

Recall that in the summer of 2016 Facebook began testing video ads format mid-roll in the live broadcast. Now the company has decided to expand the ads in this format to normal video.

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