Facebook started advertising the 'friends import' from VK

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From February 2017 the social network Facebook began to offer users the friends import from VK. About it reports Roem, with reference to the observations of users. Earlier, a similar is used, for example, address books, email services, looking for friends by email, etc.

Previously, the ability to import friends from VK to Facebook was implemented in 2010, as part of the integration of two popular social networks. However, in 2013, Facebook has blocked its users the ability to repost from VK.

It happened at a time when VK was named the fastest growing social network in Russia according to the analytical company ComScore, from June 2012 to June 2013 attendance VK increased by 22% in Russia and 24% in the rest of the world. During the same period, the attendance of Facebook in Russia fell by 18% and stagnated in the rest of the world 0% monthly growth and decline 8% in a day.

As you know, after IPO, Facebook's leadership expressed the intention to focus on additional markets. The main priorities over the coming years of its activity the stated in the following countries: China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam — five of the markets in which world's largest social network was not a player # 1.

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