Facebook began to detect and mark fake news as disputed

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Gizmodo noticed that Facebook has started to mark fake news as 'disputed'.

Facebook is flagging links to fake sites now, looks like: pic.twitter.com/N7xaWDkdYA

— Anna Merlan (@annamerlan) March 3, 2017

In the help center of the social network also appeared a new section that describes the mechanism of this innovation. In particular, in detecting fake news Facebook relies to users. News tagged as fake are screened for authenticity by an independent organizations, including Politifact and Snopes.com. Fake news is then marked as 'disputed'.

Does the addition of this label to the ranking of news, the social network not said. Theoretically, users are less inclined to share such news. Thus, they should not receive greater coverage. However, as noted by ReCode, the process of verifying fake news may take a few days and that time is enough to spread in a social network.

Previously, Facebook stated that the marked posts will not be promoted.

Social network introduced a new mechanism againts fake news in December.

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