Facebook is testing a service City Guides for mobile application

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Facebook began testing the mobile application of social network city travel guides called City Guides. With it, users can see the cities visited by their friends, as well as a list of recommended sites and activities.

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When you choose a particular city you can see who it was. Clicking on the name of the person, you can know which places he visited hotels, cafes and restaurants, organizations and landmarks.

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It is assumed that these data are collected on the basis of publications of users in Facebook and tagged them.

City Guides also include a separate category of 'Places frequented by locals'. The information in it based on user feedback from the selected city.

At the bottom of this section there is a list of upcoming events. Underneath the list of popular tourist attractions.

All cities, places and events can be added to favorites.

Testing of the new service is carried out on a limited scale. When it will be launched for all users, Facebook not said.

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