Facebook has developed a tool for censorship of the news

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Facebook has developed a tool for mass censorship of the news. About it reports The New York Times, citing current and former employees of the company.

The new tool aims to help Facebook to return to the Chinese market. The social network is banned in the country since 2009 due to his refusal to censor content.

While Facebook will not block publication of their own. Instead, the company will offer to do this to a third party with the help of new software. In this case, it can be a partner in China. The system will track popular posts, my partner will have full control over what of these publications can be shown in feeds of users.

At the same time, the NYT sources claim that no evidence of transmission ACCORDING to the Chinese authorities there. The new tool can be one of the many developments of Facebook that never saw the light.

Previously Facebook restricted content in other countries such as Russia, Pakistan and Turkey, according to the requirements of the local authorities. For the period from July to December 2015, the company blocked about 55 thousand publications in 20 countries.

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