Facebook will automatically start videos with sound

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Facebook announced that soon the videos in the news feeds of mobile social network applications will run with the included sound.

The sound will activate when the user will see video content in feed, and turn off as soon as the user will scroll it down. If the phone is in silent mode, videos will are played without sound – as before.

To disable startup sound user can in the settings of application. However, preliminary testing has shown that users have a positive attitude to playing video with sound, the company said.

Innovation starts gradually. By the end of the year, it will be implemented for all users of the social network.

Another innovation is the addition of a mode picture in picture. Now, watching a video, the user can simultaneously watch the video and flip content feed.

The social network also increased the size of the preview for the vertical video in the feed. Now they occupy almost the entire screen.

In addition, Facebook has announced the launch separate Facebook App TV for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and SamsungSmart TV. Application will help users are able to watch videos from the social network. When it becomes available, the Facebook not said.

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