Audience of Facebook Audience Network (FAN) exceeded 1 billion users

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Facebook announced that the audience ad network Facebook Audience Network exceeds 1 billion users.

According to the Facebook company information, with FAN, advertisers can reach on average 16% more users than through advertising in social networks and Instagram.

In Facebook also announced that the ad network joined by new world publishers. Among them:

  • The Daily Mirror (UK);
  • Washington Post (United States);
  • BBM (Indonesia);
  • BitMango (Korea);
  • ETToday (China);
  • FOCUS Online (Germany);
  • India Today (India);
  • Univision (USA);
  • Wenner Media (USA).

Recall that in January of 2016 Facebook extended ads Audience Network for mobile Internet. Previously, Facebook was only applications.

In may, advertisers FAN received the opportunity to target those people who are not users of Facebook.

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