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SEO terms and definitions — F list

Fake News

Fake News - term refers to the content, means false and/or misleading information .

The term “fake news” is being used to describe anything from errors to deliberate falsehoods, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Dean Edward Wasserman said on the panel.

Whether it’s intentional manipulation or a journalist who accidentally gets something wrong in a news story, it can fall under the umbrella of fake news.

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FAQ — an acronym, that mean Frequently Asked Question.

This term is used in the Internet. Generally, it is denoted by a separate section of the site, which contains answers to the questions that users ask most often. Also in the FAQ can gather information about a specific field of knowledge, in this case, the acronym is attributed to its name. For example, SEO FAQ.

FAQ – very useful thing. FAQ simplifies life and saves time. Usually after reading it many questions and problems are easily solved.

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The search engine robot, after coming to the website page of which result instantly appears in the results on a number of key queries.

Fastbot usually goes on frequently updated sites, news sources or any other materials. Blogs and other resources, having an RSS feed will also be processed by fastbot.

Fastbot into account only the internal factors of the page in order to rank it in SERP, so, usually, the position of the site on key word change after the arrival of the main indexing robot search engines.

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A Favicon (abbr. from FAVorite ICON — favorites icon, which received its name from the corresponding directory in Microsoft Internet Explorer) is a small site icon (icon) in a special format that is displayed by browsers before the page URL in the address bar, on the taskbar, in the visitor log, on next to a tab, or other interface elements. In addition, a separate search system displays the favicons in the search results. Use a favicon improves the awareness of visitors and, consequently, to increase CTR.

In addition to the files .ico is commonly used for creating icon files with the file extension .png, .gif, .jpeg, .svg or even .gif animation, but it should be remembered that only the files .ico is a truly cross-platform and are recognized by most browsers that are installed on both mobile and desktop computers.

Format .ico is a raster graphics format in which the image is formed by pixels, and in this it is similar to a known format bmp, but in contrast contains more masking the background image, allowing you to achieve full transparency of the picture.

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Same as the firewall is a special software for secure network connections. Has the ability to restrict incoming and/or outgoing traffic on a number of conditions. Regarding SEO and web sites, a firewall blocks unwanted connections from the outside, such as connections by robots or other spam bots, increasing the load on the server.

Schematic representation of the firewall


If for any implicit reasons search engines don't index the site, you may want to check the settings of the firewall or contact the server administrator.

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Footer (from the foot, footer – footer) represents the lower part of the site where most are contact details. Also, the footer could contain:

  • Links to social network;
  • Duplicate a list of the main sections of the site (the company's services, history, portfolio, etc.);
  • Tags site;
  • The copyright of the site owner.

The main function of the footer is displaying the contact data for communication. It is not recommended to use the footer as display important blocks of the site, such as news, stock or prices — for this there is the main menu of the website.

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Framework is a term used in programming the set of code tools or code to develop the control system of site.

The framework is a ready solution for creating a site or a specific it solution. For example, for create a blog on a separate domain can be use a ready-made solution.

Also the analogy can be made with a frame that can be used for standard tasks: creation of websites, online stores, blogs, entertainment portals, forums, etc.

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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a special Protocol that is designed to exchange data in computer networks, it was created long before the advent of HTTP in 1975.

From the beginning the appearance, the Protocol is fairly strong protective system. In our time, the servers are able to work with SSL technology. You can use the FTP if you want to distribute a computer program, or to access remote hosts. To work with the Protocol is possible using a normal browser.

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