The European Union has urged IT companies to respond faster to inciting hatred

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The European Commission has called on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft faster to take action against the incitement of hatred in their services, reports Reuters.

Six months ago the company signed a voluntary code of conduct, according to which European measures on these issues should be made within 24 hours.

In particular, the company has agreed to remove content or to close access to it if necessary, and to cooperate more closely with NGOs. This approach is intended to help prevent terrorist attacks in the region.

However, the internal investigation by the EC showed that compliance with the code cannot be called satisfactory.

"In practice, companies react slower. Only in 40% of cases action was taken during the day. After 48 hours, this figure reaches 80%. Consequently, the goal can be achieved, but this requires more serious effort on the part of technology companies", — stated in the report of the European Commissioner for justice, Faith Yurova.
If companies want to convince the officials that the non-legislative approach can work in the coming months, they will need to act quickly, said the Commissioner.

On 6 December, the Ministers of justice of the European Union countries will meet in Brussels to discuss in more detail in this report.

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