The European Commission has threatened Facebook with a fine of 1% of revenue

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The European Commission may fine Facebook for 1% of revenue for 2014. Social network is accused in the fact that it introduced the controller to the error regarding the details of the transaction on purchase of WhatsApp. About it reports Business Insider.

At the time of the transaction in 2014, Facebook claimed not to have the technical ability to link user accounts on both services.

In August 2016 WhatsApp announced about changes in its privacy policy. One of the innovations was the transfer of user data in Facebook messenger. The new policy also allows you to combine WhatsApp and Facebook accounts when you first connect.

According to the European Commission, the technical possibility of automatic matching user ID WhatsApp and Facebook already existed in 2014. Consequently, the company deliberately or through negligence imposed regulator astray by providing incorrect information. Facebook needs to give an official response Department until 31 January 2017. Otherwise, social networks face a fine.

"We respect the Commission's inspection and are confident the consideration of all the facts will confirm that Facebook acted in good faith. We always provide accurate information about our technical capabilities and plans," — said the representative of the company.
Recall that Facebook Inc. closed the acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014.

In October of this year the Supervisory authorities of the European Union has demanded from Facebook to stop using WhatsApp data.

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