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DMOZ will close

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14 March 2017 the Open directory project also known as Open Directory Project (ODP) and DMOZ will be closed. About it reported on the website of the project.

DMOZ is one of the largest directories of links to sites owned by AOL and maintained by community of volunteer editors. The project completion marks the end of that period when people first, not machines, were engaged in the organization of the global Internet.

The open directory was launched in June 1998 under the name GnuHoo, which quickly changed to NewHoo. The new project was intended to compete with Yahoo Directory.

In November 1998, the directory was acquired by Netscape and renamed the Netscape Open Directory. Later this month, the AOL Corporation bought sites and gained control of the Open directory.

In the same year, was start Google that was the beginning of the end of an era of stewardship of the global network by people.

Yahoo eventually switched to auto-generated search results that led to the departure of Yahoo Directory by the wayside, and in November 2014 the directory was closed.

DMOZ continued to exist, however its closure was only a matter of time, think at Search Engine Land. Now that time has come.

dmoz closing
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