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On the Internet a lot of debate about what affects the price of a click in Yandex.Direct and what is not. And how these indicators are linked. Focusing on the issues of advertisers and some popular myths, Yandex.Direct re-described the key terms of the rules of displaying and interface on two сribs.

What is taken into account in the pricing?

The forecast of the CTR, the quality factor and efficiency are calculated using machine learning methods. Therefore, the advertiser does not have to wait for the statistics accumulation, so to effect change in the campaign: the system quickly converts fresh data and offers the relevant price. But also for this reason all these indicators are not present in the interface, and the responses of the algorithms Yandex.Direct is based on simplifications.

Assessing how advertising works, it is recommended to focus on a clear and familiar metrics: clicks, conversions, ROI, installation, their average value — the object to optimize the campaign to suit the required tasks. To create a successful campaign does not need to know complex formula calculations and look at the conditional coefficients. The main thing — to understand the General principle.

General principle: affect the price attractiveness of advertising and its relevance to user queries and story placement. Simply put, advertising needs to appeal to the user and not to disappoint them after the click and should put only good relevant ads.

More about performance parameters and quality scores read here.

What it does not affect the price?

An indicator of the quality account and the productivity of phrases are often mistaken for the pricing factors, but in fact they do not affect prices. Both indicators, simply make it clear how things are going with the placement — they can be useful for advertisers who are just beginning to work in russian Yandex.Direct network.

Productivity shows how well crafted the phrase in conjunction with this announcement. Low productivity is usually said about the typical mistakes beginners — for example, too narrow phrases, the absence of keywords in the text or header of the ad. A measure of the quality account helps us to understand how to enhance the impact of advertising - to add a quick link or image, use a virtual card or just to ensure that campaigns are not idle for too long.

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