Conference about Internet advertising and CPA — CPA Life 2017

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April 12 will host its Fourth Annual conference about Internet advertising and CPA in St. Petersburg – CPA Life 2017!

CPA Life – a landmark event every year, going top-end and beginner webmasters, owners of large, medium and small businesses (advertisers), owners of the largest advertising companies and CPA nets in Russia, Europe and CIS, the best specialists in the field of Internet advertising and all those who are interested in earnings in the global network.

Only on this day, leading industry experts will present the main trends of CPA marketing and Internet advertising in 2017, the specifics of advertising on the Network during the crisis, and about the unusual ways of cooperation between contractor and customer. 2,000 participants from dozens of cities and countries will discuss the current money-making scheme, advertising the ligaments and effective sources of traffic in the corridors and on the space After Party.

Some of the issues of the conference:

  • Technology lead generation and monetization
  • How to pay only for real customers
  • How without changing the advertising budget to attract more customers
  • Creating a landing pages and improve site conversion
  • Working with US offers
  • How to work with CPA affiliate programs from A to z
  • How to reduce the CPC and increase CTR
  • How to optimize advertising budgets during the crisis
  • How to attract customers, if your project is not suitable for CPA

To register and pay for participation at the prices of the cost on the official website of the event

Video from last year:

Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 5/2 Pirogovskaya embankment hotel "Saint-Petersburg"

Date: 12 APR 2017


Organizers: CPA, with Adwad Group

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