Blockchain Life 2017

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The biggest conference on bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining – Blockchain Life 2017 isplace on September 26, 2017 in Saint-Petersburg.

Financial market is currently showing a peak activity in the area of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc.) and blockchain technology. Russian top politicians are expressing their interest in cryptocurrency and blockchains, calling them “the new internet”. Similarly, business leaders are also interested in cryptocurrency, as they see big money potential in developing and selling it.

Conference website:

Blockchain Life 2017 has the lead specialists of industry as speakers, as well cryptocurrency startup founders and experts of digital regulations.

Some of the speakers: Sasha Ivanov (CEO and founder, Waves), Sergey Khitrov (CEO, Adwad Group), Anton Goluba (СЕО, Lykke), Anatoliy Kaplan (CEO, Forklog), Aleksandr Voskoboynikov (NBA) and other cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

In addition to scheduled talks, the conference will have an exhibition zone, where every participant can make themselves familiar with the latest solutions in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, order a mining rig, and invest in the best upcoming projects.

Main conference topics:

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and others)

  • Discussions on Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies
  • Which cryptocurrency will grow in 2017 and what will happen with Bitcoin in near future
  • Ways to make money on cryptocurrency
  • Mining and it’s methods
  • What to invest in right now
  • Which mining rigs are the best and where to buy them

Blockchain (“digital gold”)

  • Areas of use
  • Regulatory aspects of use
  • How to ICO and attract investors
  • Mani challenges with ICO
  • Blockchain future
  • Challenges in use and solutions

To see the complete program and purchase a ticket, go to the official website of the conference at:

Right after the conference, the first ever official AfterParty of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry will take place in a unique format. Two halls will be opened to the participants of the conference: one with an explosive entertainment program and another with a quite Lounge for relaxation and conversations. Event format is all included: alcohol, hookah, hot and cold snacks.

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Lodeynopolskaya st. 5/2

The tickets are available at the lowest price on our official website:

Organizers: AA JetMedia, CPA with Adwad Group (creators of one of the biggest conference in the world on Internet advertisement and partnership marketing CPA Life).

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