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In Yandex AppMetrica new settings tracker

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Team AppMetrica reported on the extension of the tracker settings associated with the policy of attribution. Now the attribution window in AppMetrica is configured separately for each method matching:

  • For Device ID and Google Play Referrer – from 2 hours to 10 days;
  • For Fingerprint – from 1 hour to 24 hours.

It is also possible to enable/disable retribution for individual campaigns – what you need to track remarketing campaigns.

Settings available on the create tracker:


If your partner supports the transfer and IDFA AID Google in tracking the link, it is now possible to completely disable Fingerprint.

The opportunity is also available for each individual campaign page, create a tracker:


This release also AppMetrica is the ability to specify a policy for sending event-postbacks: only for the first occurrence of the target event or for all.

Re-engagement window is the period between application and the onset of the target event. Now you can manage it:


Now, when you create the tracker, AppMetrica adds mandatory CPI-postback for a number of advertising partners. This means that when you create a tracking link for this advertising partner will add the AppMetrica postback on event "Setting", which cannot be edited or deleted.

More information about the policies, the attribution methods, and configuration and other niceties AppMetrica can be found in the Documentation.

appmetrica new settings
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