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Google responded to the accusations of the European Commission in relation to Android

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Google responded to the accusations of the European Commission in violation of the Antimonopoly legislation when entering into agreements with manufacturers of Android-devices. About it reported the company's chief legal counsel Kent Walker.

According to the complaints Department, Google has used its market position to dictate terms to device manufacturers. In particular, to oblige them to install your package of services, and to forbid them to use the software of competitors. Accordingly, the Commission expressed doubts as to the legality of the distribution of Google applications for Android in a package.

According to Walker, the package will be offered to manufacturers on a voluntary basis, no pressure, a company does not have. However, users can disable unnecessary Google apps.

Walker noted that Microsoft and Apple offer similar packages, but with a smaller set of services. He also added that the spread of search along with other applications allows us to offer the package for free. Thus, it is possible to reduce costs for manufacturers and the cost of devices for customers. At the same time, this approach does not reduce the income of the creators of Android, allowing you to invest in the development of the system.

If the regulator is forbidden to spread the services as a package, this may lead to reduced market competition and rising prices, says Walker.

Recall that the European Commission has charged Google of antitrust charges against Android in April of this year.

Last week, Google said two of the claims departments concerning the promotion of Google Shopping in search results and the limitations of displaying ads of competitors on the partner sites of AdSense for Search.

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