AdWords has added data about offline visits in geographic reports

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Google AdWords announced about adding data about visits to the shops, perfect after viewing the advertisement, the reports about the distance and location of users.

Using the updated report on the distance of advertisers will be able to see how their ads are effective at different distance from the store.

For example, the report shows that the number of visits reaches the maximum values in the 1 km radius of the store. In this case, the advertiser can set up radius targeting and increase bids to show ads to customers who are within 1 km from the shopping point.

This report is available for search campaigns and soon to be launched shopping campaigns.

Data on visits to shops will also appear in geographic reports and reports on the location of users. Advertisers will be able to see which regions generate the maximum number of clicks that lead to a store visit. These data will help companies to decide whether to increase the advertising budget on these regions.

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