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AdWords introduces support for logical IF operator

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Google AdWords has announced about adding support for logical operator IF. The innovation will allow advertisers to personalize their ads.

The logical operator IF – a function that allows you to insert certain text if a expression is true for any of the following options: device, time, audience, gender, or age. In addition, advertiser can specify a default value if the expression is not true or exceeded a limit on the number of characters.

Thus, IF operator help to personalize text ads based on who performs the search and from what device using. For example, for a new customer it is possible to display holiday offers. If this is a re-buyer in the ad you can tell about the loyalty program.

The IF operator can be added at any place the ads, except for the final URL. Unlike a ad modifiers, it does not need feed.

More information about this feature is contained in a Help center of AdWords.

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