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AdSense allowed to show only the most effective ads

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Google AdSense announced about the launch of the new feature — the percentage of executed queries ad. It can help to reduce the number of displayed ads, eliminating less profitable and learn how it will affect revenues.

Usually the main income comes from a relatively small part of advertising. Show only those ads which are most profitable, and make the site more user-friendly, while saving money — suggest AdSense

To reduce the number of displayed ads, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your AdSense account;
  • On the left navigation bar, click "My ads";
  • Clock to percentage of requests executed ad;
  • On the page of the percentage of executed queries ad drag the slider to limit the number of ads and see how it can affect your profitable;
  • Click "Apply". Now the ad units will be filled from the highest paid ad in accordance with the new settings.

Earlier, a new feature was available in the section "Experiments" on the "Optimization" tab called "Show fewer ads". Now it is running for all users of the service.

If you used the function "Show fewer ads", no action is required. Information about ad units in AdSense will be moved to the percentage of requests executed ad page.

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URL parameters of the Google search engine results page
There is a possibility to adjust the results for the base query (which corresponds to the value of the parameter q or as_q ) using a number of get-parameters of the format variable=value used in the URL of the page of search results after the substring /search? . The use of these parameters can be very useful when parsing search results.
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