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Adobe: 55% of the traffic in "Black Friday" had on the mobile

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In "Black Friday" mobile devices provided by American retailers 55% of the traffic and 36% of revenue. About it reported in the report Adobe.

A large part of mobile traffic accounted for smartphones, only 10% of tablets. In "cyber Monday" mobile devices have provided 56% of visits to the sites (49% smartphone) and 38% of sales.

According to comScore, "Black Friday," the websites of retailers visited 116 million people: 90 million mobile devices, 52 million – with desktop. 26 million shoppers used both types of devices.

According to Criteo, iPhone users were more prevalent among mobile buyers. The number of people making purchases from your iPhone, increased by 59%, with Android at 18%. The volume of transactions on the iPhone increased by 58%, Android 27%.

On Android tablets, the number of transactions declined by 25% in comparison year-on-year. On the iPad, this figure fell by 12%.

All these data suggest that despite some inconvenience in the purchase process, users are more likely to purchase goods from mobile devices.

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