The EU wants to restrict access to instant messengers user data

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The EU intends to restrict access to instant messengers user data. This item is contained in the draft of the new rules for companies working in the field of electronic communications, according to Bloomberg.

The new requirements will apply not only for Telecom operators but also services messaging, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, Viber and iMessage.

According to the draft document, users will get more control over your settings in apps. To access data on devices of users and track their online behavior, IT companies will have to obtain their consent. Otherwise, the metadata such as the time and place of the call must be deleted or anonymised. The exception is the use of these data for payment of communication services.

The European Commission highlighted that the new rules do not prohibit advertising and the ability to use cookies or other technologies to track user behavior. The company just needs to obtain their consent.

It is expected that the new rules will be approved in may 2018.

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